Perksy powers on-demand research with hypertargeted audiences of Millennials & Gen-Z.


Next-gen market intelligence.

Our mobile-first DIY intelligence platform enables brands and marketers to unlock critical insights from their target audience through on-demand research.

Perksy lets you easily create custom research questions, reach exactly who you need to reach, and receive detailed analytics – all in real-time. 


"It just doesn't feel like a survey. It's this fun thing you like doing without really knowing why."

Sara Posocco, 22, University of Delaware


Better experience, 
better data.

Our users answer interactive, content-rich questions in the Perksy app to unlock exclusive rewards and experiences from over 100 brands - like Nike, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Delta Airlines.

Our unique approach to survey design and delivery is fun and intuitive, redefining data capture by making it relevant for the mobile generation—with rewards they can’t get anywhere else.

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You're just three steps away from your target audience.


Create immersive surveys

Create beautiful research questions that captivate your audience. Choose from 10 different question types, add media-rich content, and stylize the design. Create conditional logic with our proprietary piping tech.

Reach precise audiences

Our technology analyzes millions of data points across multiple channels. Brands can target users based on demographic, locational, behavioral, and social data so they can reach precisely who they need to reach.

View real-time data

Analyze responses as they come in and explore audience breakdowns for each question using our interactive analytics and data visualization tools. Export raw data for even further analysis.


"Finally! Some much needed innovation in research. With an intuitive platform designed for mobile first - Perksy will be a major disruptor in our insights & analytics world.”

doron wesly, cmo shopin


the hypertargeted perksy difference

"I need to reach athletes who care about the environment and watch Game of Thrones, have over 1,000 followers on Instagram, identify as LGBT, and are Gen-Z."



Bespoke targeting lets you segment by 35+ core demographic traits. Each can be seen individually on every question you ask, so you know exactly who feels what way.



Reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Want to talk to consumers in specific cities? At an event? In your store? The Perksy app puts you in touch within seconds.



Mobile allows us to be contextual. We're able to talk to people right as they're doing something, like their morning routine or watching TV, to find true, in-the-moment insights.



Users are required to sign in with a social media account, giving us a broader look at their level of influence and a wider range of data points to target.


Our unfair advantage

We’re faster, smarter, and more affordable than traditional market research and connect brands to younger audiences with unprecedented scale.


The ones you want.


millennial & gen-z

Our differentiated experience draws in the hardest-to-reach Millennial & Gen-Z audiences and engages them in real-time. With 96% engagement and 99% completion rates, our audience is ready to answer your questions at any time.


Unlike other providers, we never use third-party sample. All of Perksy’s users live within our mobile app and are ready to answer your questions at any time.


Mobile gives us access to a wider audience, ensuring you get a real and representative sample of everyday consumers with diverse backgrounds and demographics. With representation in every state from over 168 cultural backgrounds, Perksy connects you with a more diverse consumer base than ever before.

70% Millennial.
30% Gen-Z.
100% Ours.

Our audience isn't the same “industry standard” pool of respondents that answer surveys professionally or are recycled through panel after panel without true identity verification. Perksy brings you real people with real lives.


Whether you're testing the waters on new marketing or looking to understand the habits, behaviors, and buying preferences of your audience, Perksy has you covered.



We're a team of dedicated technologists, marketers, and researchers with world-class experience in our category working with legendary brands.

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