The power of Perksy.

As consumers, marketing, and technology have evolved with mobile - market research hasn't. That's where we come in.

Target, reach, and engage your audience with unparalleled precision, speed, and flexibility. Our innovative self-serve platform puts the power of real-time market research in your hands whenever you need it.

Questions are instantly sent to your exact target audience on the Perksy mobile app, giving you actionable insights and impressions in a matter of minutes.

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How it works.

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Get set up with self-serve.

Already know what to ask, who to ask and when to ask it? Our self-serve platform puts any audience immediately in your hands.

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Create content-rich questions.

Choose from multiple question formats, add custom content like brand artwork or gifs and set campaign details like target number of responses, budget, timeframe, schedule, and recurrences.

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Select your target.

Our technology analyzes millions of data points across multiple channels. Bespoke targeting lets you reach consumers based on demographic traits along with geo-locational and behavioral data.

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And watch the responses live. Perksy’s built-in data visualization tools provide interactive analytics and powerful reporting to help you make sense of your data with full demographic breakdowns on every question.

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Why go mobile?

Your audience evolves at the speed of culture – so your data should too.

The Perksy app gives us the ability to be immediate and contextual, creating new capabilities for targeting, engagement and reach.

Our non-traditional approach to survey design and delivery attracts the toughest to reach audiences, which puts you in touch with exactly who you’re looking for while dramatically driving down the cost of your research.



Reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. Want to talk to consumers in specific cities? At an event? In your store? Perksy's got you covered.

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We communicate with users in the same place and tone their friends do. With Perksy, the experience comes first, because a better experience leads to better responses. Better responses lead to better data and more in-depth, actionable insights you can count on.



Because our app allows us to be contextual, we're able to talk to people right as they're doing something, like their morning routine or watching TV, to find true, in-the-moment insights.

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The future of feedback starts here.