Perksy Illustrator Program

Let’s make giving feedback to bands about their ads, products, and service not suck. Because who wants to take a 20 minute survey for a 1 in 134,000 chance at winning $5 to Amazon?


You’re here because your illustrations should be shared with the world.


And we can help you do it. Welcome to the Perksy Illustrator program - an outlet for creativity and a major platform to be showcased on.


Ok, what is this program all about?

The biggest brands in the world use Perksy to guide their future, which means our app is a reflection of right now this very second - not a week ago and not yesterday - down to the illustrations we use in the app.

And that’s where you come in. We want to showcase your latest work to be a reflection of today, showing the world where we’re at this very moment.

How do I get started?

First to the finish line wins the race. When we’ve got screens that need illustrations up for grabs we’ll post them below. If you see one you have or want to create an illustration for - call dibs and it’s all yours.

Starbucks X Small.png
Warby X Small.png

What kind of Illustrations do you need?

If Lindsay Lohan invents an entirely new dance genre, or Instagram blows up with an epic Bottle Cap Challenge fail, we want to put an illustration in the app asap that lets everyone re-live it. We prefer ones in gif form like those shown above (makes things more fun).

How will I get credit?

Every artist whose work is currently in our app will have their name show in the credits section. #respect


Are you in?

Contact us here to submit an illustration and get the list of what screens are currently up for grabs.