Hey, Cannes Academy! I’m DJ.

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Hustle and grind.

Agency life is what you make it, but the opportunities have always been endless. You can be on the team working on that account everyone always calls boring but get to leave at 5pm. Or, you can be on the team that’s there until 1am working on things that truly change the world.

I chose the latter.

After being captain of the #1 University of Miami advertising team, president of the Miami Ad Club, and winning 12 ADDYs, I was hungry. I didn’t care how late I worked as long as it meant I would some day work on Nike. After watching the movie “What Women Want” as a kid I always wanted Mel Gibson’s life.

Bouncing from McCann to Grey, and then AKQA I had accomplished my dream. I was creating and launching the Nike NBA Connected Jersey, the Nike NYC Marathon, and the Nike app - all by age 25. My art director partner and I finished #1 in the United States in Young Glory and top 5 internationally. I was the advertising it boy I always wanted to be.

So then I was like well, that was fast. Now what?

I was content having accomplished my life dream, but wanted to do more and to reach beyond what I ever thought possible.

Then, I was presented with an opportunity and a challenge (Two of every creative director’s absolute favorite words).

Reinvent the world’s most boring industry through creativity.


Creating the future of feedback.

Market research. Nobody wakes up every morning excited to complete a survey. So, my first rule before joining Perksy was that we never say the word survey. Ever.

Through street culture, creativity, and collaboration, we’re flipping the market research industry on its head to build the future of feedback.

Perksy’s DIY consumer insights platform powers real-time research with Millennials and Gen-Z through its immersive mobile app that rewards them for their responses.

What does that mean in non-marketing lingo? A brand logs on to the platform, creates beautiful, engaging questions all on their own, selects the exact target audience they need to reach, then hits go.

The questions are sent instantly to users on our mobile app that fit their targeting selection. And the best part - their answers come in live. So, where market research typically takes four to six weeks to complete, our approach takes four to six hours - often even less.

We’re able to do that through the fun, engaging app we’ve created that makes answering questions feel like a game. It has to or Gen-Z would never do it, and that’s how we’ve got them and no one else does.

Users get points for every question they answer that can be cashed in for gift cards to 100+ brands like Nike, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Delta Airlines.

Coming up we’ll be launching an experiences section where users will be able to cash in their points for court-side tickets, the ability to actually be in a Cirque du Soleil show, and much more, and they can answer stacks in-store to unlock instant discounts.

We’ve also just completed a rebrand where we worked with Droga5’s team to build a brand that felt nothing like market research. Check out a preview of it below.

We’ve done a lot of big things, gotten a lot of features everywhere from Forbes to CampaignUS and beyond, locked in big brands like Pepsi and Mars - but we’ve only just begun.

That’s why I’d love to come to Cannes this year for the Creative Academy. There is no place like Cannes to see the best, meet the best, and become your best through living and breathing the world’s greatest work.

Looking forward to (hopefully) taking part in the academy.

DJ Davids, VP Creative @ Perksy

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